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puppy hasn’t been feeling very puppy`ish lately, what with the situation with his teeth over the course of the week.  Miss on many occasions has referred to puppy as ‘My boy’, and perhaps that’s how she sees him.  Since puppy isn’t really a puppy-boy, doesn’t really identify with animal type play, it could be entirely possible that he’s more a ‘boy’ than a ‘puppy’.  To be sure, when Miss and he were just starting to converse, he didn’t refer to himself by his first name, that seemed to be the wrong way to refer to himself, and just one day started using the name ‘puppy’.  Miss saw that puppy was doing that and began doing it as well.  There wasn’t any sort of ‘approval’ that puppy saw, she just started following along with the way that puppy talked about himself, with the exception of her rule about not speaking about himself in the first person, speaking about himself in the third. “puppy does this, or puppy sees himself in that way” instead of using terms like “I, me, my” etc.

When puppy first met Miss, she had another submissive, he was referenced as ‘baby boy’, but he wasn’t a baby in any sense of the word.  Sure he was looking for a mothering type, but he wasn’t into infantilism, or baby play.  Still, she referred to him as ‘baby boy’ and he referred to himself in that fashion, much as puppy now refers to himself as puppy.  It’s a name as well as a title, but not necessarily a description.

Just trying to know where one’s head is at.  And who one is.  Oddly enough, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

2 thoughts on “Self-Identification

  1. I agree my boy placing the “name” is not easy. So much meaning goes into the “name”. I feel our dynamic leans more to “my boy” because that is exactly what you feel like to me. You ‘my boy’ bring me so much joy, love, happiness, fulfillment! I could go on forever! So I am pleased with the changes we have made.

    As for my “ex-sub I don’t even put him in the catagorization of a submissive.

  2. Sir calls me nijntje which means ‘little bunny’ literally translated but I don’t see my self as an animal or a rabbit specifically. It turned out to be a fitting term of endearment that allows me to feel His.
    I don’t think the word is the main goal, I think the feeling that accompanies it is much more important.
    I’m glad you have found something that works for the two of you … 😀
    And would you mind if I re-blogged some of your things? If I found them timely?

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