Halloween. Y’know..for the kids!

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Dear Miss,

Here it is; another All Hallows Eve.  Or for those that are in the know, the 499th anniversary of Reformation Day.  The day when people young and old dress up, the young ones go out collecting candy from the neighbors and the older ones “oo and ahh” over the bevy of typical costumes, along with some of the ones that are more timely; depending on what movies have been shown this past summer.

When your boy was a little tyke, he was sort of into Halloween, just not so much the dressing up part.  He could never figure out what he wanted to dress up as, so left it to his parents to decide as kids are known to do.

Even now, 40 years later, your boy isn’t really big on the whole Halloween thing.  Like Christmas  & Thanksgiving it’s all become too commercialized.

Happy Halloween regardless, Miss.


One thought on “Halloween. Y’know..for the kids!

  1. My deer boy thank you and happy Halloween to you as well even if I did just get the post. 😉

    As for the holidays why doesn’t my boy stop looking at what “people” have made them into over the years and just feel what the holiday actually means to him. Regardless of whatever your beliefs are, the holidays always bring something to each and every individual. So feel the holidays for yourself and the loved ones that surround my boy not what society tries to paint.

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