Month: October 2016

A change in the weather…

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October is rapidly aging, and will be giving way to November in a little more than a week.  What a unusual year it has been.  2016 has certainly been very atypical for a lot of reasons, certainly the plethora of celebrity deaths this year, in comparison to other years.  Yes, in other years celebrities, like all people die, are remembered, commemorated and so on, but this year, so many well known names have passed on, and are memorialized by many in the world.

Soon enough it will be time for snowfall, and winter .  Already the leaves are falling from the trees here in the Northeast, the colors are vibrant, but with each day that passes, more and more leaves are being seen on the ground, and fewer still on the trees that everyone enjoyed over the hot summer.  puppy thinks at least one of the neighbors has had their lawn mowed for the last time, granted they use a service and don’t do it themselves, so perhaps the service has put up their mowers for the year.  The neighbors on the other side are still mowing and trimming, just as puppy is, probably up to the last possible minute.  One thing that puppy is trying to accomplish this year is not allowing leaves to collect in the basement window wells, as they have in previous years.  It’s not always so simple to get the leaves back out once they’ve fallen into them, so covering them up will help a bit later on as puppy collects and deposits the leaves on the curb for the village to collect.  puppy hasn’t seen the vacuum truck out yet doing collections, but it can’t be long now for that to occur.  The latest he’s ever seen them doing it was close to Thanksgiving several years ago.  There are fewer trees now that deposit leaves into puppy’s yard, so it’s easier to get rid of them, just have to use the rake and the canvas tarp, to get most of them.

Too, puppy has to get the backyard ready for winter.  Removing the patio set in it’s entirety, breaking down the table, putting away the umbrella, placing the BBQ grill under the porch in the front yard and so on.  Certainly one thing puppy has to finish is getting the garage squared away for the car to be put in.  Last year he didn’t do it until almost December, and the car had been snowed on a few times before he actually finished that particular chore.  This year he’s vowed it’s going to be different.

Another thing puppy has been thinking/planning to do is get things a little less cluttered in the house.  Most of the rooms of the house look as if there was a bombing, things are strewn here and there, and there needs to be more than a little tidying, sorting and separating the wheat from the chaff, as it were.  Wintertime is a good period of time to accomplish that, as puppy doesn’t much go for snowball fights, or building snow forts in the backyard anymore.

Lots of plans, lots of thought, lots of will it ever get done?  Time will tell for sure.

Hi ho, hi ho….

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Another Sunday.  Another work week.  For puppy, weekends aren’t for resting, as he works in retail, so weekends are just part of the normal work week.  It’s always been that for him, since he’s been in the retail game for the last 30 years.  Gosh, it really seems like a long time when one says it like that, and one supposes that it is.  puppy doesn’t remember his first day of work for any of the three companies he’s worked for (two went bankrupt and no longer exist), but thinking back, he can certainly remember a lot of the good times (and sure…some of the bad too).

It certainly wasn’t how puppy expected life to go, but then again life never happens as one expects.  puppy does have a college degree (BA in European History [Marist ’87]) but was never able to make use of it due to personal circumstances. Getting into retail was supposed to be a ‘stop-gap’ measure, a way to earn money in the interim between looking after puppy’s parents, and getting out on his own.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way.  puppy often wonders what direction his life would have taken if he had started out in a different field.  Sure he was kinky, even way back then.  But he was not exactly hitting a certain direction, and he had other issues…

Work today wasn’t as bad as it had been the week before, or even the week before that.  With the weather changing significantly over the last few days (heavy rain and the temperatures have begun their downward march toward daily highs in the 50s instead of the 70s) there have been not quite as much business, and what business there is, is being geared towards a different clientele.  Sure there are people that are buying for the week, and buying staples, but fewer things like chicken thighs & drumsticks, more things like roasts and stew meat, although people buy ground meat year round fairly steadily.  Not so many people around here have their grills running all year, so the family BBQ is about a month in the past now.  Won’t be getting that sort of business again until May of next year.

puppy has a dentist appointment tomorrow that he’s dreading.  He’s having two teeth pulled, and one is supposed to be a problem, according to the dentist.  Add in the fact puppy wasn’t able to get the next day off to recuperate, so it’s going to be a problematic time starting tomorrow after work.  Hopefully things go smoothly at the dentist, there was one time puppy went to a dentist and in the middle of an extraction, the dentist incurred a problem, had to make an emergency appointment with an oral surgeon and puppy had to drive himself 20 miles with a mouth full of novocain and hoping that he didn’t get to the office before the pain killer evaporated.  puppy can still remember how much that hurt, and it’s one of the many reasons that he detests going to the dentist.  That will probably be something that will never go away for puppy.  No matter how many times he has to go.

Work wasn’t so bad today.  Time to relax, recuperate and get ready for tomorrow.


Not all experiments work out for the best

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puppy is the cook in the family.  Not the family that he’s going to eventually be with Miss and whoever else ends up being involved there, but with the family that he has now.  He and puppy’s wife.  When puppy and wife were dating, puppy was told that she wasn’t interested in cooking, and if they wished to eat, puppy was going to have to be doing the cooking.  Fortunately, puppy already had the basics of cooking under his belt.  Just needed to work on it over the years.  With the advent of the internet, as well as having puppy’s mother’s cookbooks and personal recipe box (as well as the contents of his mother’s kitchen) puppy has been faring well in the ensuing 30 years.

One thing that puppy doesn’t seem to do so well is scratch pizza.  He’s been trying to do it similar to a pizza place, and the experiments so far have been less than satisfactory.  The first time, puppy made his own pizza dough, used a store bought sauce, and pre-grated mozzarella.  puppy has a 13″ diameter pizza stone (round) that was purchased probably 15 years ago through Pampered Chef. It’s done it’s duty more than a few times with store bought pre-prepared pizzas, and even some frozen pizzas that puppy and wife didn’t wish to toss in the microwave.  This was pressed into service as well, instead of trying to use a sheet pan or some other conveyance to get the pizza cooked.  One thing that puppy doesn’t have is a pizza peel, though many have mentioned it’s unnecessary to have one, there’s ways around it.

The first time puppy tried, he used a large bamboo cutting board as his makeshift peel, and it didn’t work out as well as he’d hoped.  Either there was insufficient flour on the board, or the dough has sat too long, the dough ended up sticking too much to the board and when puppy was able to finally get it on the pizza stone, it was all bunched up and cooked unevenly.  Looked a lot like a lump with toppings every which way.  Call it a delicious least the homemade dough was pretty good!

puppy’s next foray was last night, using a store bought pizza dough that was frozen when it was bought a month or so ago.  puppy let it thaw in the refrigerator for about 12 hours, but when it came out of the bag, it was very wet, and had a crust on it.  puppy tried working the dough several times, but really wasn’t able to get a good circle out of it.  Too, since puppy didn’t have a peel again to work with, he opted to build the pizza in a 12″ pizza pan that he’s had for many years.  puppy cooked it according to the directions on the bag the dough came in, but it wasn’t very good when it all came out.  The toppings didn’t adhere very well to the dough, they slid off because puppy believes the dough wasn’t completely cooked through.  It was very chewy and seemed a bit underdone, even though puppy cooked it a bit longer than the recipe called for.  Good pepperoni, fairly good sauce, lots of mozzarella cheese and even some parmesan sprinkled over the top for good measure.  The dough did this pie in…and puppy thinks he’ll go back to homemade dough, it seems a little easier to work with.

One of the time honored tenets of cooking is, with mistakes, you can (mostly) eat them and be ok with it.  Not necessarily with this foray. Live and learn, at least puppy knows enough not to do this again.

Pain, in the key of ouch

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puppy went to see his GP today for his quarterly checkup.  puppy doesn’t normally have anything unusual to speak to his doctor about, except for this time puppy has been afflicted with recurring pain in his right wrist, which he made mention of the last time he visited, back in July.  At that time, the doctor suggested puppy get a brace for his wrist, so that he could wear it while he slept, and if the pain was above an annoyance, take Motrin or Aleve, 6 or 2 tablets, whatever helped the pain that puppy was experiencing.  The doctor suggested that the pain would eventually go away on it’s own.

Regrettably, that’s not been the case.  Over the last three months, the pain has recurred, and it’s been happening at work as well as at home, and it has puppy (and his Miss) concerned.  So much so that puppy has been using the brace more often at home, but hadn’t tried using it at work, as it restricts somewhat the range of motion (which isn’t great to begin with) and would become a detriment more than it would a adequate benefit.

Consequently, puppy made mention of it to his doctor, and after a few moments of bending puppy’s wrist this way and that, and asking pointed questions, the doctor again suggested puppy using the brace at work, and taking the Motrin or Aleve for the requisite pain.  In addition, the doctor wrote a prescription for evaluation from a physical therapist, and puppy has an appointment this coming week for that to happen.

Hopefully, it’s something that’s not going to be an ongoing problem, it can be attended to, strengthened, or dealt with permanently, as puppy would not wish to have to start looking for another job that’s less physically strenuous, in order to keep him from having his arm in a cast or something worse still.

puppy will be keeping Miss apprised of what goes on, so she can stay on top of this as well.  It’s not going to be an easy fix, but puppy is hopeful it’s not going to be really bad.

Keep on the sunny side

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puppy is generally a good natured puppy, he doesn’t get down about much of anything.  Sure there are days that are better than others, and there are days when he gets a little down.  There have been times when puppy has been clinically depressed, he took medication for awhile, but it never seemed to do what it claimed it should, and he discontinued it on his own after several months.

Spending 10 plus years without being able to find someone to share a BDSM experience with was definitely a non-thrilling escapade, but BDSM isn’t the easiest thing to broach with some people, and when one lives in a rural setting, sometimes it’s better to keep things close to home.  That and there was very little in this area back then that might have been considered a kinky community, at least that puppy was aware of.  Some of the larger urban areas to the south of puppy, there were presences, but if one goes back 10-15 years, there wasn’t as much of an internet much less understanding of what kink was, that it was ‘ok’ for the most part, and that there wasn’t a stigma attached to it.

In the last 4 years, puppy has made forays into the local scene, has gone to several munches with varying amounts of success (and some less so), discovered play parties and even a quasi-local dungeon that was around for awhile, but eventually closed.  There’s another that’s about an hour to the east, but without someone active to play with, to puppy it’s like being able to see in but not participate.  puppy is most definitely not a voyeur, so going requires taking time off, driving there and then sitting around and watching others have fun.  Thanks, but no thanks.

To wit, for the foreseeable future, puppy is placing his faith, his effort and his time into what he is attempting to build with his Miss.  It’s a slow process, because it has to be, not necessarily because either puppy or his Miss wish it to be.  There are current responsibilities that need to be addressed and adhered to, and that’s no small issue.  One just doesn’t drop everything that has been constructed and go running off at the drop of a dime.  Yes, some people would be ok with that, but puppy is not and he believes he would lose the respect of his Miss if he chose that very cowardly way out.

“Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side…keep on the sunny side of life…”



What’s your outcome?

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puppy was talking to his Miss last night, and this question arose after a spate of conversation.  When puppy answered the question, as he always does, he answered it honestly, saying that in the future, he wanted to be with Miss, by her side, and contributing and building a future with her, not necessarily completely enmeshed in BDSM, but certainly a power exchange relationship, with her in the lead as the Alpha.  That’s truly where puppy wants to be, and feels that he needs to be.  Of course, given current circumstances, that’s not going to be a reality for many years.

When puppy reversed the question to Miss, she answered it differently.  A bit more vague, but certainly just as honest as puppy.  She said “To be happy and to be able to just be me.” puppy replied that it was a bit vague, and lacking in detail.  Miss replied (quite correctly) that the future can’t be predicted, so there’s no way to really understand where we’re going to be tomorrow, much less next week or beyond.  Will just have to take the days as they come and continue to work towards the goals that we’ve set for ourselves, and get to where we both want to be.

Miss and puppy are very different, but in many ways we mesh together very well.  puppy is older than Miss, has been in the scene for far longer (30 plus years versus a year or two) and has lived the life, as well as spent many years in BDSM relationships.  In a manner of speaking, puppy is Miss’s mentor, and probably will be for the balance of their time together.  To puppy, that’s not a bad thing.  Miss will learn, and will use her knowledge in developing puppy in being the submissive that she wants and wishes him to be.  puppy finds that to be very comforting, and the building will happen over time, and will eventually shift from online to corporeal, and finally probably be completely offline, with the exception of munches and play dates, for the mutual enjoyment of both.

In the long run, puppy believes things will turn out for the best.  Just have to get there.  Together.