When Real Life and Kink Collide

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In the last few days, we had a reminder that Kink and Real Life don’t always mesh that well.  Or, at least they don’t dovetail in ways that we anticipate.

I mentioned in a previous post that my pet has started a new job recently.  Apparently, in this new job, there’s a need to keep in touch electronically, as well as a lot of the record keeping is done through email and through a smartphone app or two.  To wit, they needed an email address for the correspondence.  My pet (like all of us I expect) has more than one email, but she has one that she uses more often than any other.  This is the one she gave them.  There’s a small wrinkle though.  About 10 days ago, we changed the contact name on it to something that was more ‘kinkified’.  So when she sent an email to them the first time, that name popped up and they were confused.  Naturally, they questioned her about it.  “Is your name X, or is it Y, the one that you put on your original application?” they asked.


We keep in touch via social media, for the most part, so on my Messenger, there was a cry for help.  “I may have screwed up, help!” it said in so many words.  Coincidentally, I’ve actually done this before (had the wrong name on an email) so I had a fairly ready solution.  Explain to the powers that be the name on the email is a ‘nickname’, one that you’ve been using for many years and you completely forgot it was on the header of the email and that you’ll provide them with a different email, a more professional one for correspondence and so on.  It’s truer than they know (or care surely) and it’s easily fixable.  My pet seemed satisfied with that solution and just in case, she changed the header on the questionable email back to the legal name that she’s known by, just in case.

Certainly one of the hard and fast rules I’ve lived by when trying to meld kink and real life is “Don’t scare the straights”. In other words, don’t do anything that will necessarily have a negative impact on what you’re doing for employment, or at the very least with the people that you interact with that might not be kinky. It can have unexpected consequences.

Every now and again we need a reminder.

2 thoughts on “When Real Life and Kink Collide

  1. That’s too funny. I’m glad she was able to fix the problem. Occasionally my computer will want to send something using my “oliviahisservant” address and it always freaks me out a bit. So far, I’ve noticed it happening and prevented it, but it’s a risk…

  2. I had something similar happen to me with the boy’s school! Yikes! I had given the correct addy for use but google being google changed it on me when I went to ‘accept’ the invite to the school online site AND I was in the preferred email program and address while clicking accept! It ticked me off really. I’ve learned now that I have to physically ‘log out’ of any google applications in order for it NOT to switch it automatically.
    Mine has nothing on it that would be too graphic, I don’t do anything on line besides WP anyway but I wouldn’t want any curiosity leading to those sites either!
    I’m glad you were able to fix it anyway! 🙂

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