Did someone get the make of that truck?

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In case anyone is wondering why this blog has been silent, here’s the explanation.

I have bronchitis and feel like a truck hit me, backed up, got a good running head start and ran me over again.  Then again for good measure.  Even after a day off on Wednesday, by Thursday I only managed 2 1/2 hours before I had to give up and come home.  (You have NO idea how hard that was for me).  Fortunately, I had Friday off, and went to see my GP.  He diagnosed the bronchitis and prescribed three drugs and told me if I still felt like crap the next day, to call in.  (Calling in to work for me is one of those REALLY hard things to do)

So here it is Saturday morning, the congested cough is still here, I feel like crap and …yep, I’m going to work.  The wife thinks I’m out of my mind, my girl also suggested staying home (and if you knew her, your eyebrows would be at the elevation of K2) as well.  But I’m not really one for sitting around the house, so in I go.

Wish me luck.  I’m going to need it.

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  1. I was/am exactly like you when it comes to work but I have been learning … I’d like to share a few points if I might?
    First, going to work instead of resting is only going to make you weaker for longer, meaning you get less done over all instead of healing completely and being at full force.
    Secondly, you might even be spreading the illness about, making it so others will catch something as well.
    Thirdly, what would you say to someone in your situation, go to work or be wise and stay home?
    This is where I would say ‘lead by example’.
    Good Luck my friend, I hope you get better soon. Sooner I’m sure if you are wise … *wink*

    1. nijntje,

      It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with the same work ethic (more indicative of age than anything else, from long observing the up and coming generations). I appreciate your points and do agree with them, however I’m forced to rebut them with facts about my situation, just so you (and anyone else coming along reading this) will better understand my reasons for doing what I’m doing.

      1. As I’ve probably mentioned before, I work in retail. More specifically, the food arm of retail. When I first started working for this company, they had just taken on a lot of debt and a massive amount of stores buying out the remains of the last company I worked for. So they ended up with a lot of extra employees. Though that wasn’t a bad thing at the time. Over time however, as their business model soured (not going to go into why) they started shedding employees, cutting labor as if that was the best method to use. So now, 10 odd years later, they’re almost in the same boat as the company whose assets they bought out etc. Very little labor in stores that are booming in terms of customers coming in, expecting to be pampered, catered to, the whole nine yards. So calling in is (at least to me, others couldn’t care less if they call in and screw their whole department) a problem. Would I rather take a week off and come back at full force. You’re damn right I would. But, I just can’t bring myself to do it. It’s not me. So I soldier on. It may take me longer to get back to fighting strength, but it’s a sacrifice I’m going to make. In a perfect world, I agree with you on your point. I don’t work in that perfect world…I work in this one.

      2. You’re certainly right, I might very well have been contagious and spread the illness around. Though that’s a possibility, I have to weigh that against the need to work, and I’m definitely not the sort that likes to call in a lot. When one does that, they tend to get a reputation as being unreliable, and in retail that can be a sort of bad reputation to have. In this particular case, the cold had developed almost a full week before the symptoms of the bronchitis emerged, so I believe (I could be wrong, not a doctor here) that the likelihood of contagion was low.

      3. What would I say to someone in a similar situation. Referencing the facts above, I would recommend they weigh their needs on the needs of their workplace. Which I suppose sounds weird. But it’s not always about you. Oftentimes you need to sacrifice a little for the place that you work, as they’re the ones investing in you and counting on you to be there to do the work to make the engine go, as it were. The needs of the many, do often outweigh the needs of the one, ie: yourself. Like most people, I’m not independently wealthy, so if I’m taking many weeks off because I believe I’m more important than the whole, there’s no money coming in while I’m away and bills still need to be paid, etc. So I soldier on. For better or worse.

      Thank you for the well wishes, I am getting better, little by little, day by day. I rely on the wife and my girl for support, as well as friends like yourself. You all are assisting me in ways immeasurable.


      1. I wish I could say I don’t know what you are talking about or why but I myself have taken 1 sick day in over 21 years of work, so I do know. Working for myself for the last 16 with people relying on me makes it even more difficult to rationalize a day off! I get it my friend, I do.

        Just keep in mind something like what you have can take a turn for the worst, in that case it will become very dangerous so all I say is keep a look out for that. If it happens you will need to take the time, work or no work. Your health needs to come first!

        Good Luck and quick healing …. the slackers tick me off too BTW! I was sure you weren’t one hence my previous comment. If you say you’re sick I imagine you’re quite sick.

        1. Having had both kidney stones AND gallbladder surgery (both of which put me in the hospital), I’ve had instances where I’ve been laid up and unable to work, so I have a good idea of when to say when.

          Last Thursday was one of those times, after 2 1/2 hours of working a little, resting a little, getting little done, I finally had to talk to my supervisor and tell him that it wasn’t working, I had to go home. Thankfully he’s a very understanding sort, having had several heart attacks himself and is presently supporting a pacemaker AND a defibrillator in his body, so he’s got a pretty fair idea of when enough is enough and it’s time to not abuse yourself anymore.

          I’ve done a bit of reading on bronchitis (part of what I do, when I have a problem I research the shit out of it, to be sure I know what to expect) so I have a pretty good idea of what signs to watch out for, but thank YOU for reiterating that it can go from recovery to bad again, and then to worse, and then, well maybe pneumonia.

          Nice to know I have another caring personage in my corner! It’s a good feeling.

          Slackers. Oy, that’s a whole other journal entry, isn’t it?

          1. ‘research the shit out of it’ LoL I do the same!!

            I know what it’s like to be a ‘working type’ and that sometimes we push too far, but you seem to have a good handle on it so I’m glad! 😀

            Now if we could take some of our work ethic and spread it about the ‘next gen’ …. *wink*

            1. “spread it about the ‘next gen’ ”

              I saw this about a year ago. The guy that created it hit the nail on the head spot on.

      2. I let Sir read this BTW, He didn’t get very far before He said “He sounds just like you …” LoL Then He finished the rest and just shook His head!! *chuckle* I thought He might. *wink*
        Hope you are feeling better my friend. 😀

        1. “He sounds just like you …” Nice to know I’m in such good company.

          Hey, I’m weird, I freely admit that. Even damn proud of it. Being normal is boring.

          I’m getting better bit by bit. As I’m learning, it’s not a quick fix. But having supportive people from far and near in your corner helps in ways one knows enough to appreciate! Thank you again for caring and being my friend, nijntje. Ya funky lil wabbit!

          1. Well thank you too, Leathers! Working from home with toddlers leaves very little adult conversation in my day! It’s nice to meet like minded people who are fun and interesting to talk to, without the weirdness that you see out there! LoL
            I try to make it a point of telling people I care about how I feel, those are the really important things in life I think, but like you I’m weird too!!! *raspberries*

            1. Since that comment came through just fine, I’m hoping Akismet has gone back into it’s hovel and stopped interfering with the -real- comments and is just protecting me from the Russian bots and other critters.

              Hey, you’re weird! No wonder we get along so well! Neener neener!

              1. LoL Yup!! *wink*

                It could be because you have approved me again as well …. think i’ll do a little explanation post and see if others find me there as well. Or perhaps they’ll leave me there!!! :O LoL

                    1. Right! I have been stuck in a boring life most of my life, I’ll be damn if I keep doing it!

  2. Daddy you already know how I feel about you going back to work when you should have stayed home another day. But we won’t get into that. I am glad that we have a diagnosis and meds to put you on the mend.

    I will say I’d wish you’d stay home tomorrow, but (stubborn man that you are) I know you will go. But at least take it as you did today. As we discussed earlier. It’s a very hard thing to deal with when the man you love is sick and you’re hours away. I’d give anything to be there taking care of you. So I do the best I can with the tools I have at hand.

    You are my treasure, you are my gift. I am so honored to be your property. Thank you my handsome Daddy.

    1. Yes, I know how you feel about me going to work when the ‘smart’ option would be to stay home. And I’ve explained why I can’t do that. Yes I know if I disappeared tomorrow they’d get along, stick someone else in the position and eventually everything would be back to normal. But I can’t bring myself to screw over a company that would screw me over in a heartbeat. Just not my nature!

      I too am glad I have a diagnosis and the meds I need to mend. And doing my due diligence I’ve been reading about bronchitis and understand it’s not an easy fix. It doesn’t just ‘go away’ or ‘get fixed’. Especially when one works in a cold environment like I do. Going from warm to cold and back again isn’t good for the lungs. So it’s going to be a longer recuperation. Have to deal with that. I will most definitely take it easier and split up the day as I did today. Honestly, taking the breaks that I’ve pretty much ignored for the last 8 years did feel pretty good. Getting able to sit down, take a load off, and get back ready to go was nice. Can’t say that I’m going to continue doing it after I feel better though. We’ll see.

      Finally, yes I understand how helpless one can feel about being a ways away when the one they love is in trouble, or sick, or any number of situations. Been there, done that, have the t-shirt. It’s not easy. It’s NEVER easy. But as you said, we do what we can with the tools we have. And work towards a day when it will be a distant memory. I am grateful every day for you, and I don’t in ANY way squander what I have in you. You pet, are THAT special. Very happy to say it publicly.

      Thank you as well for your comment, your care and your faith and trust in me my pet. You mean the world to me, the universe even.

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