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A little quick entry about getting antsy.

/ˈantsē/; adjective
agitated, impatient, or restless

I’ve been watching a particular shipping record for the last 10 days, and for the intervening week it hasn’t moved a bit.  It’s something that I purchased for my girl, and it’s coming from overseas.  Anything shipped within my country usually gets here in a timely fashion, but when one adds in an international element, usually things go awry.

I’ve had items from Kickstarter that have come from Hong Kong, China, other parts of Asia, even Australia get here quicker.  Customs can be a pain sometimes, especially when it’s an item that can’t always easily be described on a manifest.  I have to give the shippers credit though, they can be very creative in describing unsual things in the most mundane ways to keep nosy customs agents from possibly breaking into the package to see exactly what’s inside.

The seller that I purchased the item from has updated their communication with me on their website to say that if it’s not here by June 5, they’ll intervene.  Exactly what that means, I’m not certain.  But what I do know it’s more waiting.  And I abhor waiting.


7 thoughts on “Antsy

  1. LoL I normally just put it out of my mind and look forward to a nice surprise whenever it arrives! It can be quite some time though, I can understand when people get impatient!

    1. Impatient doesn’t even describe the feelings well enough! We have waited a very long time for this, I can’t believe it’s finally coming to a reality! I can’t express how unbelievably happy I am, how honored I am. I consider myself the luckiest submissive there is to have such a caring, loving, handsome, awesomely amazing Daddy, Master, Dominant! They don’t make Dominants like him anymore. I will proudly shout to the world I AM LEATHERS PROPERTY! This day has been long in coming. And it’s finally going to be here! Forever and ever Daddy!

        1. It’s is exciting! It brings emotions out in me I never knew I had. All I want to do is make him happy! He is my world. And TYVM!

  2. Just an FYI for anyone following this thread. The collar arrived from Russia on Monday. And it looks fantastic. It’s going to look even better when it’s safely placed where it needs to be. I took a couple of pictures of it on myself (my girl insisted), so we could both see how it hangs on a body. I think because my neck is larger than hers, it may hang differently (she specifically didn’t want it to be up close like a choker) but overall I think it will do what it’s supposed to do and won’t be uncomfortable. Day collar

    1. Very, very pretty!! Just maybe not so much on you!! LoL Perhaps a less hairy chest! *chuckle*
      I bet you are both very excited to put it onto it’s proper place. 😀

      1. I agree, very pretty, and again I agree, it doesn’t look good on me! But my girl wanted to see what it looked like on a human, so I agreed for the sake of knowledge.

        Yes, we’re BOTH very excited about placing it where it needs to go! Not to jinx the anticipation, but we’re planning on meeting in PA at the end of the month.

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