Death in the ‘family’

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Yesterday was not a good day. For either my girl or myself. I was at work, and checked my messages at lunch, since I don’t carry my phone with me (probably one of the few employees that doesn’t since we’re not supposed to, we signed an agreement not to, and I can be a stickler for that sort of thing). My girl had messaged me around 9 am and it seemed quite urgent (‘Call me please, ASAP’). I called and the first thing I understood was, there’d been a death in her family. Sudden. Unexpected. Tragic. And to make matters worse, it was one of her children.

Everything sort of came to a standstill at that point. What to do? Death sometimes is unexpected, and it creates big problems, especially if you’re in a precarious financial situation. I’m reminded of the time my adoptive mother died, how the funeral home director, (quite callously mind you) directed my grieving father to the ‘high-end’ caskets, figuring he’d make a good sale.

There’s only so much one can do from a distance. If I could, I’d be there already. I’m providing what support I can, but I want to do more. Everything is still very much up in the air, and I don’t want her falling apart in this time of grief and need. Thankfully, she is not alone, she’s staying for the moment with her poly family.

It’s not going to be easy, but as I reassured her last night, we’re going to get through it together.


3 thoughts on “Death in the ‘family’

  1. At this point and time I’m not whethering it. I’m pretty much just trying to keep myself busy so I don’t think about it. Because if I stop and think then I lose it.

    Thank you for this post Daddy.

    RIP my babygirl.

    1. Having gone through this process several times before, I can only strongly recommend what you’re already doing…keeping yourself busy and try not to dwell on it. ‘Time heals’ is the old adage and it’s true, to a certain extent. Your emotions are still raw, and all over the place.

      I’m here, and doing what I can to help. I know it hurts, and it’s going to continue to. You’re loved, cherished and owned. My strength is yours my pet.

      1. Thank you so much Daddy, this means the world to me. You’re my Rock! I love you so much! And you’re greatly appreciated! Thank you for carrying me through this all.

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