A little advice?

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My blog is public, my girl’s is not.  Consequently I’ll get far more traffic than she ever will, but it ends up usually that I’m the one that reads her posts more than anyone else will for the most part.  However, there’s an issue she’s been dealing with for several months and I’m getting a bit concerned about what all is transpiring.

She has expressed it better than I, so I’ll just post this link.  If you can take the time to read, and perhaps offer some insight, or suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

One thought on “A little advice?

  1. I can’t speak to what she is going through my friend but i do remember the shock of finding out my child was suicidal. That was hard, i can’t imagine her battle … please pass along some hugs and support, for whatever it’s worth.

    My suggestion for starting the healing would be to read and share with people who have also experienced the pain. Getting counselling for yourself and sharing your thoughts/knowing you are not alone is usually helpful. <3

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