Springing into Spring

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I’m fairly certain at this point we’re not going to be getting any more snow.  Our daffodils have (almost all) bloomed already and there are crocuses in the front yard near the patio.

Last weekend I was asked by The Wife to drag out the patio furniture and set it up for the season.  I’ve noted in the last 8 or so years that we’ve had the set it’s getting a little worn, starting to rust in some places and getting threadbare in others.  Certainly, a truth that things aren’t and haven’t been made to last in the past 20-30 years, certainly since the influx of cheaper materials from China in all ways and means.  Go to an antique store and find something similar and you can discover something that was built to last.  A brass fitted Y coupling for your hose is designed to probably last a year now if you’re lucky.  I certainly seem to buy a new one every year.  ‘Non-kink’ hoses spring leaks within a year of purchase so you throw the practically new one away and get another.  I bought a 100 ft length of hose back when we first bought this house in 2001.  I still have it, it works just fine.  I honestly think it’s an aberrance.  Or it doesn’t know it was supposed to fail in its first year.  Either way, I appreciate it’s durability.  Come to think of it, I still have the (mostly) metal power strip my parents bought for me when I first went to college in (gasp!) 1983.  It still works.

We still have leaves left over from the previous fall.  Autumn was a quirky season last year, in that the trees didn’t cooperate in dropping their bounty on time so that the village could come along and collect them before our first snowfall.  Consequently, neither I nor my neighbor to the east was able to rake and collect them, to deposit them on the curb.  During the ensuing 7-8 months they’ve managed to be blown around and mashed into either my driveway or piled up next to the house because my house makes a convenient windbreak and the leaves stop being blown around and pile up for me to dispose of.  Lucky me.

Dragged out the lawn mower and roto-tiller from their spaces in the garage.  The mower (as usual) acted like a champ and started up with a little priming.  The tiller is going to need a little more work.  I did get a new muffler over the winter since the original one was a rusted worn out mess.  I’m going to have to change the oil at the very least and probably take apart the carburetor to see if that’s the reason why it’s running so roughly.  If I can’t successfully fix it, I might just call the small engine place I use on occasion and have them work on it.  The drive wheels are frozen and have been for the last 20 years.  I watched a few YouTube videos over the winter suggesting this is something that can be fixed, but I don’t have the necessary tools to do it.  They might.  The last outfit I used said they couldn’t manage it without cutting the axle in half.  That’s a non-starter since the cost of replacing the axle and wheels would likely be half of the cost of a new tiller.  And I like the one we have.

Slowly getting the house ship-shape for company.  Friends from NC are due in a couple of weeks, my mother is expecting to visit in June and I have to try to drag my slave up here or somewhere close by before we both go stir-crazy.  Not going to go into that anymore as I already posted about it.


3 thoughts on “Springing into Spring

  1. Oh the joys!! We were flooded out this past weekend, had to spend days pumping out water ….. not really onto the mowing or tilling yet! LoL The Mallards that decided to stop in for a swim were cute though!

    Good luck 😀

    1. I know I can always count on a wabbit to reply to one of my posts! Thank you. So sorry to hear about your escapades with too much water! Definitely one thing that we’ve never had to be concerned about, considering that we’re on high ground, and as far as I can tell, this house has never had an issue with water in the basement. There are watermarks on the fieldstone that makes up the foundation, but that’s just condensation over the 181 years that the house has been here.

      Life goes on. 🙂

      1. I had replied to this but apparently it never went through! Oh well!
        Our water issue is in the far end of the yard, not in the house thankfully!! It’s just a real pain in the rear, i have 6 backyard neighbours who all ‘drain’ into our back 40!! Very poor planning on the city’s part, it used to be a marshy area back there until they allowed it to be built up and built on, unfortunately they didn’t take care of proper drainage!
        It’s been way too many years now to complain and with this weather getting crazier every year …. well, we have ducks! Let’s just put it this way! 😛

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