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We’ve had guests of the vanilla persuasion here this week, so my kinkified living situation (ha, I made a funny) has been on vacation as well. Even so, my BDSM addled brain continues unabated and I can confirm that due to something that happened yesterday while we all were out running errands.

After visiting a strip mall to get cat litter (Petco has a deal where one can get 35 lbs./15.87 kgs. of litter for $10) and discovering a women’s clothing store was closed/vacant that one of our out-of-town guests had intended to shop, we jetted down to the local Kohl’s and shopped there instead. Having finished that errand, we still had some time to kill waiting for the appropriate hour for going to dinner.

We have a Hobby Lobby here, and admittedly I’ve never been in one. It’s an experience to be sure. Similar to Michael’s (coincidentally there’s one of them nearby) in that they sell all sorts of items from picture frames to knick-knacks, baking supplies, model kits, painting supplies and so on. The owners of the company are religious, so the store is closed on Sundays (like Chick-fil-a) and they have religious Muzak playing over the sound system. At least its not so annoying you’re going to wish you were deaf. The staff are friendly, even to the point of ebullience.

While we were all there, we pretty much went our separate ways. I just flitted from one area to the next, looking for things that appealed, always keeping an eye out for bargains. Even so, my kinky underpinnings were having a good time. There were plenty of crafty items that could be repurposed, though a Lowes or Home Depot would make many things easier. Wrought iron bars with accompanying elbows could easily be transformed into restraints or even tie down spots on a bed or chair or even a floor or wall. For many years and Insex made a mint showing how simple items could be bastardized into something very kinky and extremely versatile. Just have to possess the right imagination and see beyond the original intended purpose.

In the end, I only bought a couple of things. A trivet for my personalized cutting board, and a dual 5×7 picture frame with matting board at 75% off. I can print my own pictures on my inkjet printer and they come out pretty flawless, especially on glossy photopaper. I know a photographer would be able to tell the difference, but I’m not opening a photo gallery anytime soon. I opted not to get the wooden or steel letters that could spell out BDSM somewhere in the house, that’ll be a project for another time.

2 thoughts on “Kink wherever I go

  1. Well, it appears i’m not getting these posts at all now. Have a heck of a time trying to get to the site(s) as well. That’s what you get for being friends with me … 😛 LoL Never a dull moment!! *wink*

    I find that when i’m out and about my first thoughts are always kinky possibilities of a thing … LoL A bit distracting at times but a bunny has to have her fun, no!?!?

  2. *sigh* I know wabbit, it’s not been easy on this end either. I’m continually contacting my web host, they’re in the midst of a major upgrade/migration from their old dataservers to new ones, and my websites are continually down, I complain, they fix it and it’s good for a few hours before they go down again. I’m committed to them through Jan 2020 when my hosting renews. I’m about to the point of moving this as well as another domain to another webhost company, something I did with my domain when this whole thing started a couple months ago.

    It’s not just you that’s not getting the posts, or seeing them, or even being able to access the server. I’ve been continually watching my web traffic take a nosedive. It’s very frustrating. I’d -love- to be able to blame this on you, but alas it’s not your fault, nor is it the fault of us being friends. Sorry, no spankee spankee for you! *raspberries!*

    As for the other point, yes absolutely!

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