It can’t be just me that thinks…

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…Tumblr really hasn’t changed all that much for those that mostly post porn. Sure there are far fewer naked’y’ [explicit] pictures but for the most part, the pictures that are posted on the strictly porn accounts still have nudity, leather, latex, rubber and other styles of dress, just for the most part the nudity is from the side, or from the back, not front-facing. So, the Tumblrgeddon that occurred this past December wasn’t as far-reaching or disastrous as we all expected. Add in the knowledge that Verizon seems to understand they sort of ‘cut off their nose to spite their face‘ in this, and they’re already looking for a buyer to take the platform off their hands. Whoever they find to buy it is going to be getting a bargain, since their foray into censorship has cost Tumblr a good third of their clientele. A lot of people moved off the site after the censorship of late last year. Sites like pillowfort, BDSMlr have taken a lion’s share of their former kink friendly accounts. Even on my feed (I backed up all of my accounts but being me, I didn’t delete any of them) I can see a pile of deactivated accounts being referenced by some of the ones still active, reblogging the same pictures over and over.

Whether or not that will change with the selling of the platform is anyone’s guess. The buyer might prefer to keep the service as clean as it can be, given that it’s a pretty open site, to begin with. How else would those that were interested in adult-friendly services (and service) have started to use it for their purposes? Tumblr didn’t start out being a G-rated site. If anything, it seemed to be a step up from Stumbleupon, another site that I used to use (and still have an account on, though I haven’t been there in ages). Similar premise, but they did it a little differently (much like the difference between VHS and Beta) and ended up becoming more popular. It’s always hard to tell what’s going to work and what’s not. I mean, people in France put mayo on their fries and wouldn’t dream of using ketchup. Here in the US, I had never heard of putting gravy on fries until I moved to where I’m living now. Pop is sometimes soda, and soda is sometimes soda water. Cats and dogs living together…Mass hysteria!! (ahem…sorry, got carried away there a bit)

Even so, a site like Instagram has looked at the Tumblr model, and instead of seeing a bad idea, they decided to jump on the bandwagon. Many kink-friendly accounts that have been there long-term are starting to get pushed out, and are taking their business elsewhere. I’ve posted about catering to the Lowest Common Denominator before and I believe this is systematic of that problem. Instead of treating everyone like adults, we’re attempting to treat them as children, ie not offending anyone if we can help it. Instead of allowing people to make their own informed decisions, we’re allowing companies and entities (and yes governments too!) to both legislate and dictate what’s acceptable and what’s not. That’s pretty high school thinking, to my mind. Making the majority of the popular ones (which end up being a minority) decide for the rest of us. That never works out for the best, since the majority rarely has the best interests in mind. Usually, it’s their best interests they’re considering and to hell with the rest of us.

All in all, I’m not certain where Tumblr is going to go. But it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

2 thoughts on “It can’t be just me that thinks…

  1. There does seem to be a shift from freedom of speech to “mummy knows best”, though I’m very suspicious of people who are too vocal about their prudishness. I’m sure there’s seriously repressed kink waiting to break out from the “don’t look at the dirty pictures” brigade.

    1. Hi Mercedes, thanks for commenting.

      I agree though I think there’s a sector of society (or elsewhere) that seems to believe they have a better idea of what’s ‘permissible’ and what’s not in terms of kink and kink acceptance. Certainly, in the last Republican Administration, a lot of porn sites were threatened, shut down outright, or (like Insex), forced to consider what ‘freedom of speech and expression’ really meant when their ability to collect money from their patrons was actively threatened. As pd and Matt Williams had said when interviewed for the biopic ‘Graphic Sexual Horror’, once their ability to effectively interact with credit card companies was shut down or interfered with, they pretty much knew the writing was on the wall. Either adapt or die. They chose to shut down Insex and move the archives to the Netherlands before someone showed up at their door with a warrant.

      Like many that I see posting on social media, I’m concerned about catering to the Lowest Common Denominator. It used to be survival of the fittest. Now we’re making sure everyone is supported, whether they want the support or not. Reading about how the White House has changed how press passes are handed out is another restriction of the freedoms that we’ve taken for granted for the last 243 years. If we keep backpedaling when confronted, what’s going to ultimately happen? At one point I chortled when someone posted that the novel 1984 wasn’t supposed to be taken as a blueprint. I’m not laughing anymore.

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