A Morning Ride

Reading Time: 11 minutes

I was feeling in need of a little play, but being without a corporeal partner I allow my mind to wander…

I find myself walking in a meadow, wearing a riding outfit…freshly shined riding boots, breeches since my jodhpurs are in the wash; wearing a white button up long sleeved shirt, with the first two buttons undone….since it is a warm day. Hooked to my belt is a short riding crop. Off in the distance, I can see the paddock and barn, with the ranch-style house a little further off to the left. The paddock is hard tamped ground, completely devoid of green. A training ring is nearby, with green grass in a circle surrounded by soft brown loam. It’s well kept, and I should know…it belongs to me.

As I draw closer, I can see a figure sitting on a bale of hay. Clothed in a body stocking and corset, the latter cinched tightly as I approach she rises to her feet and bows her head appropriately. With a snap of my fingers, I command her to follow me into the barn. I pass her and she follows, heeling me one pace behind as is the custom. I can hear her light footfalls as she follows, past stalls and other items indicative of any barn in the world, we arrive at the tacking station I have set up. Just makes things much easier in the long run than having to set her up in a stall and bring all the regalia required to bring her in tune with her pony self.

I turn about and she’s in the proper position, standing in the middle of the station with all the tack about her. Beginning with a suitable heavy collar, I slip it around her neck and secure it, attaching a set of reins to the front collar ring, and tying off the other ends to a nearby hook in the wall. It will keep her steady as I begin the process of transforming her from obedient submissive into prancing eager pony girl.

Picking up the various items, I wrap, attach, tie or otherwise secure them onto her, all the while she is making little noises, starting with grunts as the ones that need to be secured are done so, then she moves to small whimpers and clicks as she enters more and more into pony space. I place a box onto the floor so she can steady herself as I fit the special heel-less boots onto her feet, forcing her stance into more ‘en pointe’ lifting her height a couple of inches and keeping her from being as steady as she was a few moments ago. I slide a triangular leather armbinder up her arms, flipping the straps over her shoulders, securing it criss-cross over her front, between her heavy breasts that are accentuated by the tight-fitting corset. Adding a bridle/harness over her head, with a fancy plume standing at the very top of her skull I finish her transformation. This time I opted not to use the chastity belt, I’d rather her focus on something other than large invaders in her nether regions. There’s always time for that sort of play another day.

Untying the reins from the wall I lead her out of the tacking station to the paddock. One of the stable boys has brought out the trap, or sulky that will be used today for training. I lead my ponygirl to the trap and position her between the shafts, and begin the process of securing her to it as she stomps her hooves every now and again, keeping in tune with her pony self. Finishing with the last strap I move the reins to the sides of her head harness..attaching blinders so that she’s unable to look anywhere but forward, so as to keep her attention where I require it to be. Stepping back I play out the reins and settle myself into the trap’s seat…picking up the buggy whip I give it a quick crack off to the side. My pony whinnies and startles, but doesn’t bolt. I pick my feet off the ground and settle it comfortably into the trap, as I do so I snap the whip down on her bottom and call out “Giddup!” My pony whinnies as she’s struck and leans into the task as I’m no lightweight, she needs some traction if she’s going to move me and the trap today.

Leaning forward and applying force, her hooves digging into the hardpan of the paddock and she strains. I give a sharper snap of the whip, laying into her ass flesh as I urge her on….finally she overcomes the combination of weight and stillness and gets us moving. The wheels of the trap begin to turn and she is off. I snap the whip this time against her back between the shoulder blades and call out ‘Walk!’, commands that we’ve worked on in the training ring for many weeks, and she picked them up fairly quickly. Her gait is still a little wobbly, but it will smooth out in time, practice is a good Master as the saying goes. The more we do this, the easier it will become. Using the reins, I guide her out of the paddock and onto the path that leads into the meadow and the woods beyond. She’s keeping a steady pace and I snap the whip once again, not on her but alongside her body as I call out “Knees!”, she’s not picking up her knees as well as she could, she’s forgetting her training a little bit, but that’s also what these sessions are for; to clean up her gait, and get more into the pony mind space she needs to be in when she’s with me.

Her steps become more pronounced as she continues on, her knees are coming up smartly and she’s walking with purpose, propelling us down the path and across the meadow. As we approach the woods, I snap the whip across her shoulder blades and call out the next command “Trot!” after a few more steps she breaks stride and begins to trot, her body bouncing up and down with the movements and the trap being propelled a bit faster down the path. The straps on the armbinder don’t keep her bare breasts from bouncing up and down, I opted not to secure her nipples with clamps, again wishing her to concentrate on pony specific things, rather than having to concentrate on pain in certain other body parts in addition to what she’s learning and instilling in herself.
I’m not quite ready for her to canter or gallop today, so I only whip her as necessary, if she starts to flag a little, I snap the whip and bring her back down to a walking pace…then back up to a trot after a few minutes of giving her a breather. Finally, as we approach the bridge at the halfway point I pull back on the reins and call out “Woaaahhh!” smartly she comes to a stop…I can see her breathing heavily and can already tell she’s winded. Pulling on the brake that will keep the wheels from turning unexpectedly, I set the reins on the trap and climb down, grabbing a bottle of cold water from the trap and approaching my pony.

She’s breathing hard and the sweat is glistening on her exposed skin. I place my hand on her shoulder to steady and calm her as she can only hear what’s going on, she cannot see me coming up behind her and I don’t want her to shy. Grasping her by the upper arm I move around to her front and inspect her. She’s drooling heavily from the bit, the saliva has been peppering her tack and body, she’s foaming a little bit around the rubber bit, but that’s to be expected. Her bright brown eyes lock onto mine and I smile…nodding and whispering soft words of encouragement. As I do so I unhook the bit and pull it from her teeth, she’s made some good indentations on it with her choppers, but it’s very solid rubber and besides, that’s what it’s there for anyway, so might as well make use of it. Before she can speak and ruin the moment I lift the bottle of water to her mouth and let her slake her thirst. She starts to gulp the cold liquid quickly and I ease up a bit on the bottle so she doesn’t get cramps from drinking too fast. I give her a good amount of the liter but in measured amounts. When I think she’s had enough I stopper the bottle and reintroduce the bit. She looks at me pointedly, but I give her a bit of a glare as if to say “Don’t even think that” and her mouth pops open to accept the bit once more. I secure it to the harness once more and give her flank a firm smack. Stepping over the shaft of the trap I settle down once more into the seat, picking up the reins and the buggy whip. Releasing the brake as I lift my feet up, I snap the buggy whip on both of her asscheeks one at a time and call out “Giddup!” and the process begins all over again.

We cross the old stone bridge and re-enter the woods on the other side. The rest of the ride is pretty uneventful. It’s a warm summer’s day, not too hot and not too humid, my pony is getting more of the hang of this as we continue on. Soon enough I can see the barn in the distance…and as she sees it I can feel her pace start to quicken…she can sense the end of her session as well. I give a firm pull on the reins to keep her from trotting too quickly, as always, discipline needs to be a watchword, one that will always be foremost in our mantras. As we exit the path and re-enter the paddock I pull back on the reins and call out to her “Woahhhh….” and she comes to a slowing stop. I can see two of the stable boys have been waiting for us to arrive…one takes hold of her reins as the other one steadies the trap so I can exit it. Nodding to the one holding her reins I take them up again, handing off the whip and water bottle to the one that had been steadying the trap. With their kind assistance I relieve my pony of the trap, they’ll see to it being cleaned and placed back in the auxiliary barn, to be ready for its next adventure.

Taking my pony by the reins I lead her over to the opposite side of the barn, to a secluded area where she can be de-tacked and hosed down. I slowly and sensuously remove her tack, starting with the hooves and then working my way up her body rather deliciously..removing equipment and restraints, until she’s back to where I first spotted her, wearing only the body stocking and corset. I relieve her of the corset and leave the stocking on. Turning on the hose, I surprise her by spraying her with the very cold water of the hose…she shrieks but I put my finger to my mouth…cautioning her not to say a word…she nods and gives me a good solid whinny…I allow her a “Good Pony” as I fill a bucket with water, adding a squirt of soap as I take up a stiff bristled brush, scrubbing her down. Even though I let her keep the body stocking, I give her a good scrubbing anyway, so that she can feel clean on the outside. Hosing her down once more I shut off the water and put the cleaning items to the side. I allow her to step out into the sunlight and drip dry….all the while admiring her as I can hear the stable boys banging around inside of the barn.

I catch her eye and crook my finger to her..she comes over to me and kneels obediently, still wet all over and her hair plastered about her face and shoulders. I give her a stroke on the cheek and tell her that she’s a good pony, and I’m very pleased with her. Then I tell her about my future plans for her…