Enough already!

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It’s now been 5 days since your boy had 2 teeth extracted, and there’s still a fair amount of pain in the gum area where they came out.  boy is still taking the amoxicillin that was prescribed when he went back on Wednesday for a check-up, but unlike the other antibiotic that he took for the abscess 3 weeks ago, the pain didn’t go away after 36 hours.  It’s persistently hung on, so your boy has been taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen every time the pain becomes a little unbearable.  Hoping against hope that something is going to give by Monday, when he needs to call the dentist back with an update.  When he went on Wednesday, they said there wasn’t a sign of a return of the abscess, but the gum tissue had been ‘rough’ and it needed time to heal.

boy has been continuing with the post surgical salt water rinsing, as well as trying to chew only on the other side of his mouth, but as you know that’s not always simple, as he doesn’t have a lot of teeth on that side either.  The gum on the upper jaw is getting painful as well, so your boy has been mainly eating soft things, and not taxing the healing section on the right side.  That’s getting a little tiresome as well.

Your boy just wants this over and done with.

10 thoughts on “Enough already!

  1. My poor boy, I hold you close to me wrapping my arms around you as I comfort and hold you. Give it time my precious I know you’re tired of all the pain and the soft food but sadly sometimes healing can take time. Just remember in the long run it will be worth it and those teeth will no longer pain my boy.

    • boy knows that healing takes time Miss, but this is the first time it’s taken THIS much time. Just seems like a lot of angst, and boy is the sort that likes things over and done with, rather than dragging on for days on end. In the long run…yes it will be worth it, but as boy has said ad nauseum, he’s not really looking forward to the endgame.

  2. I hate tooth pain, I think it’s probably one of the worst things out there and I like pain generally … 😛 If you are doing the salt water rinse be careful not to ‘swish’ too hard, you might do more harm than good if you are.
    Hope you feel better soon! 😀

    • boy had a return visit to the dentist after work today. Dentist said that while things are healing on schedule, he noted there was a persistent post-op infection that the amoxicillin wasn’t properly dealing with. boy was rewarded (?) with a scrip for a stronger antibiotic, the same one he took when he had the abscess almost a month ago. That should take care of the problem, boy has to go back to salt water rinsing, the dentist said something rather odd, it’s more the heat of the water that does the most good, not the salt. boy’s mental question was…”then why bother with the salt?” Anyway, am feeling better, thank you for the good wishes. boy is more than a little bit of a maso himself, just not for the non-consensual sort of pain. And yes, there is a big difference.

      • The heat helps the healing but the salt keeps the bacteria out of the water ensuring that you are not actually pushing it into the area instead. It’s insurance let’s say .. 🙂
        Anyway I’m glad you got help!

        • Good to know, thanks for the information! Since boy really despises going to the dentist, going this many times is really a new record. Usually boy just lets nature take it’s course, and sometimes nature isn’t very kind.
          Since boy has so many issues with his teeth (you have NO idea), there are going to be many more visits in the future. Not looking forward to any of them.
          Thanks for the good wishes regardless…you’re a good nijntje and boy is glad he stumbled across your blog.

  3. I am very pleased my boy is taking care of his teeth now. But….. If my boy would not have neglected or procrastinated about going to the dentist before he wouldn’t have so many future visits now.

    • Yes Miss, that’s undeniable. Although there’s more of a history there than just refusing to go to one particular dentist. Over the years there have been missteps, and bad experiences that have turned your boy off towards going. Yes it continues to this day, and probably will in perpetuity. As with many things, there’s more under the surface that not every one knows about. Nothing is as simple as it seems.

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