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Dear Miss:

generally anymore when your boy and you part company for the evening, you say “good night my boy, dream of me…” and your boy either does, or doesn’t in the course of the sleep period.  Sometimes he dreams of you, sometimes he dreams of other things.  Last night he had a rather weird dream, and he will attempt to relate it to you.  So here goes:

boy was in a place that he didn’t really remember ever being before, but he was restrained face down on a padded table of some sort.  The dominant that was playing with him never saw their face, or could even be sure of the gender of the dominant.  That didn’t really seem to be pertinent to the dream anyway.  What was very pertinent was the needles.  Whoever the dominant was, they seemed to have a infinite supply of needles, of varying gauges, and they were being used on your boy’s skin.  Very deftly as he could feel each one of them going in and under the skin, poking out the other side in various designs.  Over the course of what seemed to be several hours, needle after needle was being placed, and your boy wasn’t being able to move too much, since he was restrained on the padded table by institutional style restraints, similar to what he has in his toy collection.

When the dominant was finished with the play, the curtain was drawn back and your boy was placed on display for a lot of people in an audience that was (up to that point) concealed.  There were oohs and ahhs from the assembled people, and at that point your boy was squirming, since he couldn’t see you anywhere.  He was definitely missing you, and wondering why you hadn’t been involved in the scene.  Right at the point where he was feeling the most vulnerable, he woke up to the sound of his alarm.

As your boy had said, it was a rather weird dream.  Certainly something that your boy hadn’t dreamed about before, and your boy doesn’t have a great deal of experience with needle play of that stripe.  Not really sure what boy’s subconscious was trying to impart with that, perhaps it was just messing around and that was what it had come up with for last night.  Perhaps tonight it will resume.  Your boy has had dreams that have spanned several nights before…for whatever reason.  It’s possible that’ll happen tonight.  Wait and see?


1 thought on “Dream interpretation…

  1. Hmmm it could be of recent events my boy. With him just having his teeth extracted and of course the needles the dentist use to deaden the area of extraction and Miss not being able to be there physically to hold my boys hand. As well as the lingering pain.

    I’m also positive my boy knows I would never leave him unattended while another dominant is playing with him. Especially something such as needle play. I am very protective of my property and will let all know my boy IS my property.

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