When a boy misbehaves..

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Dear Miss:

As you recall, this past Friday you and your boy experienced what best could be described as a hiccup.  While boy won’t go into detail as to what occurred (it’s not really for public consumption), you determined that enough of a transgression had occurred for boy to be punished.  And that’s acceptable.  In the type of relationship that you and your boy are embarking on, reward and punishment are going to be staples of it, so might as well get right into it, when necessary.

Seeing as early on in our discussions as well as forays into play apart, boy has expressed that he doesn’t feel comfortable disciplining himself, and showing it to you on video.If you’re going to be physically chastising or correcting your boy, you need to be doing it yourself, not using the boy to do it for you, and then reporting about it afterward.  For boy, that doesn’t make a lot of sense, and if it has to be described as a limit, it would have to be considered a hard one, so that takes it completely off the table.

Granted that makes it a little more difficult to adequately determine a punishment for when boy misbehaves.  Fortunately, you being a smart Dominant, you had boy list for you things that he has been procrastinating on, as well as parts of the house and grounds that have been needing attention, that have been neglected for too long.  Seeing as boy procrastinates a good deal, the list is actually fairly lengthy.  One place in particular is the garage attached to your boy’s house.  Every fall it needs to be cleaned out, rearranged so that boy’s car has a place to stay for the winter.  In the spring and summertime, boy’s car sits in the driveway, and the garage is used to store things like the roto-tiller, lawn mower and other items for gardening and so on.

This year you said, it’s going to be different.  You’ve given your boy a deadline of this Friday at 3pm (EST) to have it adequately cleaned out, sorted, things that need tossing to be tossed and other things to be stacked neatly or put somewhere else, and the car to be in the garage.  There’s to be photographic evidence given to you to prove boy is doing what he’s supposed to be doing, and it’s all part of his punishment.  boy understands that in order for him to be under your control, he needs to be corrected from time to time, and this is one of those times.  boy is going to be working on that project tomorrow (Wednesday, his day off from work) as well as the remainder of the week before the deadline.  It’s certainly something that boy needs to do, and he’s been putting it off for far too long.

boy will keep you apprised of his progress.  Good night for now Miss.  Unless some miracle happens in the next couple of hours, it appears Mr. Trump is going to be the next President of the United States.  That’s a very sobering thought.


7 thoughts on “When a boy misbehaves..

    1. Not wrong about that. Especially since it’s raining outside and boy’s initial plan was to take things out of the garage and sort them in the driveway!

        1. boy is doing sorting little by little. It’s a process not a race. It’ll get done. Just have to wade through it. With a bum hand! So it will go slowly. Might have been nicer if it wasn’t 45 freaking degrees out, not like the 60°+ it was yesterday. Of course, had boy bothered to do it during the summer, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation now. Less talk, more sort…there will be updates!

  1. Quick Update:

    Step 1 is complete. boy managed to get things squared away enough to get the car in the garage. Step 2 will be to pull out all the debris and sort through it, tossing some things, storing others elsewhere and generally decluttering the space so that it makes more sense.

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