Coming to the end of one’s vacation….

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  • BP: 130/75

Dear Miss:

Was all of about 9 days ago that your boy was looking forward to some time off. Now that he has to go back to work tomorrow, he’d really rather have that time all over again!  Going back to his post just as the vacation was starting, wow did your boy have a lot of grandiose plans and ideas for his time away from work.  Naturally these were blunted a bit by your boy’s inherent pessimism, but with good reason, since he knows himself better than pretty much anyone.  Let’s go over what he had planned to do this vacation and see where we’re at.

Your boy’s goals were:

  1. Working to pare down the amount of stuff in and around the house.
  2.  Cleaning up some on the outside of the house (if it ever stops raining here).
  3. Working on sorting the basement out to make more things can be stored down there and not mold like they have been in years past.

Suffice it to say, your boy wasn’t as successful as he had hoped.  He did manage to get some of the leaves raked and toted to the curb for the village to pick up, but didn’t quite get that finished.  As it’s been rather windy here for the last few days, a good portion of his work has been blown back into the various yards and against the house, erasing a good 30% of his task.  Too, the sun hasn’t been much in evidence, and the temperature has gone down from mid 50’s on Wednesday back down into the mid 30’s for the last several days.  As the weather report for tomorrow is predicting 1-3 inches of SNOW…that’s going to put a crimp into getting the leaves bundled up and out to the curb for pickup.  Considering boy’s immediate neighbor to the south didn’t bother to rake or take care of their leaves at all this year, your boy has been fighting a losing battle, since their leaves tend to come over to his property a lot. (Quick update: Due to extenuating circumstances, this didn’t get addressed today)

Your boy hasn’t been quite as successful in the cleaning on the inside of the house either.  20161203_173845It’s been spoken of in a couple of posts, one about procrastination and the other about the consequences of same.  Finally, you decided to take the boy by the horns (so to speak) and apply a time-honored concept of taking little bites off the problem, and eventually there would be progress.   Naturally, progress doesn’t happen all at once, but it does take time to accomplish.  This afternoon, your boy had the time and space in order to accomplish something and managed to fill 2 large garbage bags with debris, broken items, old correspondence and so on, the old bills were put in a separate box to be shredded at a later time.

One thing that your boy discovered was a lost trove of BDSM toys, that he’d completely forgotten he had.  That coupled with a stack of old BDSM magazines; issues of The Scarlet Leather the old publication from when NELA was part of the National Leather 803703068_146768Association, old issues of Equus Eroticus and even a few copies of the gay oriented magazine Drummer were interspersed with items that had been sitting around that room for better than 10 years.  Too, your boy has enough electronic gear to outfit the back room of a Radio Shack; he’s going to have to go through the items and have a little sale on eBay soon.  A fire sale mostly, since a lot of the stuff (like old keyboards) have connectors that aren’t compatible with USB ports on everyday modern computers.  (Remember a time when keyboards and mice had their own respective connectors?  Your boy does….)

At any rate, the job isn’t completely done, but it’s well on its way to being accomplished.  As you can tell from the pictures, there’s been significant progress made on the room, and in another day or so it should be all done.  Of course, there are a multitude of other rooms in the house that also need tending to, but as you said…day by day…step by step.

Your boy knows you’ve been dealing with a really bad cold Miss..he does hope that it’s getting better little by little.  It’s back to work tomorrow, and at least there’s a feeling of some accomplishment.

Your boy

This has been  a Holidailies post!

7 thoughts on “Coming to the end of one’s vacation….

  1. With good reason? ? Hmmmm I beg to differ with my boy. My boy has pleased me with the progress he has made. And I of course will whip that bull (boy) back into line when that persistant procrastination tries to rear it’s ugly head.

    Look at it on the positive side my boy, look at what boy HAS accomplished and not what he has yet to accomplish. As I have said before my boy, day by day, room by room. He will get there, I have no doubt!


  2. I had a nice comment all worked out and then wordpress went and lost it!! LOL
    Anyway, I think what you have been able to accomplish for someone who tends to push things aside is admirable, way to go you! 😀
    As to work, well it always seems to come along way faster than I like too! I try to think of the good in what I’m doing and it helps to get back into it, maybe it could help you too!
    I also just maybe watched it’s a wonderful life …. LOL

    1. Lol @Sir’s_nijntje well that is a good inspirational movie, also one of my favorite Christmas movies.

      But on another note my boy did a wonderful job and is still working hard on it. I am very proud of him!

      1. It is a great movie isn’t it?!?! lol a bit cheesy by today’s standards but oh well!
        Nothing makes me feel better than to know that my Sir is happy with my progress, I’m sure he (your boy) feels the same way. 😀

        1. It is a great movie indeed! I also love Scrooge! Well people like us will always keep these old (great) movies alive!

          Smiles yes he does. He is a very good boy!

    2. Thank you for the kind words, they mean a lot. Getting things accomplished (even late) is a big thing, and getting praise for it is just the icing on the cake so to speak. Work does have a way of creeping up on you, just having the 8 days off was very nice, and will repeated twice more in the coming months. Have to eat up the vacation time or else it goes away….which would monumentally suck!

      Your ideas are certainly worth considering, thank you for suggesting them.

      Am a sucker for a lot of the old holiday movie classics as well. Haven’t watched ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ in many years, but with a good memory, can quote a lot of the movie, having seen it so many times growing up. Of the current crop of ‘Christmas’ type movies, a boy would say that perhaps ‘Scrooged’ would be at least the best of the bunch, at least it’s pretty much in keeping with the ‘Spirit’ that the older movies were trying to convey. Santa Buddies on the other hand? Not so much.

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