The Beginning

Reading Time: 4 minutes

You’re resting on your sub cushion, legs bent underneath you, back straight, palms lay upon your knees and your head is bowed. You’re in my playroom, the walls are dark red you know all the furnishings by heart. It is kept a bit chilled, goose bumps run across your skin. You shiver slightly. But you wait in your submissive position anticipation, fear, excitement running through your body as you wait for me.

Then you hear it, the clicking of my boot heels as I come down the hallway. Your anticipation builds. But still, you remain unmoved. I open the door and walk inside, I come to stand in front of you but you don’t dare look up because you know it will displease me. I turn and walk into the room. All you can hear are the clicking of my heels and the noise of my preparations.

As I finish preparing I walk over and again I stand in front of you. I lift my left foot and gently place it upon your left shoulder. So close to your cheek. You rub your cheek against my boot. This pleases me.

I command you to stand and follow me, you do as ordered always keeping your head bowed. We walk over to the St. Andrews cross. I order you to lay upon it face down back towards me. You move into position still, you have not seen me. Raise your arms, you do, I slowly run my nails up your left arm until I reach the cuff, I place your wrist in the cuff and secure it. I move over to the right arm again slowly running my nails up your arm reaching the cuff and securing your right wrist. Dragging my nails down your back I move further down to your right leg and I secure it in the cuff. Dragging my nails back up your legs across your buttocks and then down the left leg I secure it in the cuff.

Standing I step back and admire my property, I smile as I see the nice red marks from my nails starting to paint my canvas. You hear movement and wonder what I will do next. I come back to you and lean on your back, feeling my body pressed up against yours. I reach up and place a blindfold on your eyes, you inhale sharply and shiver slightly. I smile then I’m gone just as fast as I was there.

The room is silent, I just stand there and look at what I proudly own. But the silence builds your anticipation.

I start to move around you hear something being picked up then you hear what might be lube being applied to something. Your heart races faster your breathing increases. I walk towards you and reach down to your buttocks squeezing the left cheek. Then my hand moves further down until I reach your anus. I run my lubed finger up and down the opening. Teasing you. I insert my finger now pushing it all the way in moving it around in your hole. Not yet massaging your prostate. I pull my finger out only leaving the tip in. Then I shove it back in, over and over I do this fucking my hole with my finger. After a few minutes, I stop leaving the tip in. I start to insert a second finger and again I fuck my hole. Over and over. Scissoring my fingers so I stretch you open. Then you feel a third finger enter you. Fucking and stretching you. It’s intense but also it gives you pleasure. I twist my fingers around and find your prostate. I start to massage it slowly. Moving my fingers over it as they move in and out of my hole. Faster now, no mercy, I attack my hole and prostate. Your moaning and trying to stay still. But it is so intense your body moves on its own. I keep doing this until I feel my hole squeeze around my fingers and you moan out an internal release. When I feel my hole start to loosen I again attack your prostrate. You beg and plead for me to stop, it’s sensitive. I smile and keep going until it starts to build again and I give you another internal release. This continues until you have given me 5 releases.

After this I hear your rapid breaths, I can see the sweat starting to form. Your heartbeat is racing. I am pleased. My fingers are gone now and you feel empty you want to be filled by me again. But then you feel a cold blunt tip at my hole and it is shoved into your anus. So big so full. A very largeĀ buttplug now sits inside my property. Satisfaction.